Cancer de la prostate âge. Study finds daily aspirin cuts many cancer risks

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Bayer workers are seen taking samples for the in-process control at the Aspirin protect tablet press in a handout photo. In a study of eight trials involving 25, patients, researchers found that cancer deaths among those who took aspirin in doses as low as 75 milligrams a day were 21 percent lower during the studies and 34 percent lower after five years.

Aspirin protected people against gastrointestinal cancers the most, the study found, with rates of death from these cancers around 54 percent lower after five years among those who took aspirin compared to those who did not.

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His suggestion was that healthy people could start taking a small 75 mg dose of aspirin every day from the age of about 40 or 45 and continue doing so until they reached around 70 to 75, when the risk of the aspirin causing stomach bleeding rises.

Previous studies have found taking aspirin can cut the risk of developing colon or bowel cancer and suggested it does so by blocking the enzyme cyclooxygenase2 which promotes inflammation and cell division and is found in high levels in tumors.

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Reductions in pancreas, stomach and brain cancers were difficult to quantify because of smaller numbers of deaths. The researchers added, however, that treatment with aspirin during the trials lasted for only for between four and eight years on average, so the effects on risk of deaths due to cancer may underestimate possible results of longer-term treatment.

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